Guitar Lessons Maidenhead

TEL: 07826 559739

Paul Bayley

Riaz Ahmed


"I’ve been privileged enough to know Paul for a year now and one thing I can say for sure is that he has a true passion for teaching. He combines this with his extensive musical knowledge, several years of great teaching experience, an amazing understanding of his pupil’s needs, great patience and enthusiasm to make every lesson enjoyable. His lessons are incomparable to any instructional DVD, Youtube or musical app (e.g Yousician or Tabpro).


In my opinion, Paul always imparts a lot more than just teaching a musical piece. He constantly encourages me to come up with improvisations and combine ideas I have mastered. Within a very short period of time, we started jamming and I have composed some solos! This has had a profound effect in my learning and as it rapidly built my confidence with the guitar, developing my musical ear and my understanding of the temporal elements of playing with another guitarist. Throughout this short period of time, I have developed all the essential motor skills, for example, fluid chord changes, playing barre chords, walking bass lines, string bending and vibrato without going through boring, mechanical exercises. Now I can confidently use these techniques and I’m developing them further with Paul’s help.


Paul’s virtuosity with the guitar is only matched by his enthusiasm to teach and I can wholeheartedly recommend Paul for anyone who wishes not only to learn to play guitar, but also has aspirations of becoming a professional musician".