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Paul Bayley



I provide expert guitar tuition in the Delta Blues and Country Blues, emulating artists like: Robert Johnson, Lightnin Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy, Mississippi John Hurt, and Blind Blake. I also specialise in teaching finger style guitar, having learned from the greats such as: Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, and Tommy Emmanuel.



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Book acoustic or electric guitar lessons to expand your chord vocabulary and learn how to improvise using scales, modes and arpeggios. Train your ears to be able to play along with your favourite music and transcribe your favourite songs.

For my final project at the ACM I undertook a comprehensive study on guitar chords, scales and arpeggios for which I was merited a first. Since then I have been experimenting with this knowledge, expanding on it and learning how to apply it in my own playing.


I can show you how to apply music theory in your own playing using practical examples and this will open up many musical possibilities and serve as a platform from which you can improvise freely.


I give acoustic and electric guitar lessons from my home in Maidenhead, Berkshire and I tutor all age groups from complete beginner to expert level.


Lessons are tailored to your personal tastes and I can teach you how to play the guitar in any style, like your favourite guitarists.  


I teach in most popular playing styles, ranging from acoustic folk to electric rock guitar and I cover a wide range of playing styles including: strumming, plectrum and fingerpicking based guitar styles.


Lessons are fun and come without any pressure on you whatsoever to progress at a certain rate. I have no set expectations as each student is completely unique and has different capabilities.


My aim is to help you to be the best that you can be and to maximise your development during lesson time. The rest is up to you and I am here to advise, mentor and coach you towards achieving your goals.


Lessons are determined by your personal aspirations and we will work towards meeting your set objectives. These will likely change over time and that’s fine because our lessons are flexible. If you don’t have any aspirations yet or are unsure of where you want your lessons to go then that is okay too. I am here to help you with that and we will figure that out together.


My main emphasis is on making our guitar lessons enjoyable while also working towards achieving your greater goals, whatever they may be.





To improve and make the most out of our lessons it is important that you practice what has been covered in lessons!


The idea is that you will attend our lessons to learn new material and then practice that at home in-between lessons. During our next lesson we will go over the material which you have been practicing and perfect it, resolving any difficulties.


The amount you practice is entirely up to you and I do not expect you to master what you have been practicing in-between lessons. Remember there is no pressure and we will progress at a rate which is comfortable for you and fits in with your schedule.


I recommend short practice sessions regularly (10 – 30 mins a day) as opposed to sporadic long practice sessions. The amount of time you can allocate to practice is dependent on your schedule and obviously the more you practice the better you get. I would advise that you aim to fit in at least 3 short practice sessions a week.


Lessons typically focus on teaching you how to play your favourite songs from recorded music. I encourage you to compile a list of your favourite tracks and continually add to this as your tastes develop and lessons progress.


If you can identify what you want to achieve then I can effectively tailor lessons to meet your needs. I know from experience that you get much more out of guitar lessons and practice time if you are learning to play the music that you are passionate about.


If you don't have any songs in mind or any musical preference, don't worry, I will identify songs for you that will help your development while also attempting to cater to your personal tastes, even if you don't know what they are yet.


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