Guitar Lessons Maidenhead

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Paul Bayley

I have been privileged enough to learn from an outstanding guitar teacher who got me up and running playing the music that I love to play. I learnt a great deal from our lessons and he remains an exemplary role model to this day. My whole teaching ethos is based on his teaching style and my experience as his student.


A guitar teacher will make or break your whole learning experience and evolution as a guitar player. I take this very seriously, so prioritise making our lessons an enjoyable experience and focus on teaching you how to play the music that you are passionate about.  I believe that learning to play the music that YOU want to learn is absolutely fundamental to learning the guitar. If you are learning to play the music that you love then you will be rewarded for your practice time and naturally practice more. The result is, you will progress quickly and keep motivated to keep practing and learning.


Your needs are what is important to me and you can decide what you want to learn and what you want to achieve in our lessons. I always welcome your input and lessons work much better that way.


Learning to play the guitar is an everlasting journey and I believe it is important for you to discover your own musical path and identify your ambitions according to your specific interests. As your guitar teacher, I will be able to help guide you in the right direction.


I have been working as a private guitar teacher in Maidenhead and Berkshire area since graduating from The Academy Of Contemporary Music in 2008, with a BA Honours in Music Production; during which time I have developed my teaching style and learnt all the necessary skills to teach you how to play the music that you love.


I have acquired an in-depth knowledge during my ten year teaching career, which includes teaching group guitar lessons at Redroofs Theatre School and individaul lessons at Beech Lodge School. This enables me to advise, mentor and coach you to be able to play the guitar that you aspire to play.


As well as teaching, I have also worked as a session guitarist for Vamp Recording studios in Reading, where I have also produced several artists and bands.



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